Open Innovation for Blue Technology

IHSensortech is a collaboration with the Instituto Hidrográfico of the Portuguese Navy.

This open innovation edition ignited by Portugal Blue Digital Hub drives maritime innovation across five areas aiming to address real-world innovation challenges through pilot projects and collaborations.

Work with a renowned institution in the Portuguese Blue Ecosystem to shape the sector’s future through five different challenges.


This edition of BlueTech is keen on filling two select industry gaps:

1. Augmented Reality Software Development Kit

Develop a Software Development Kit (SDK) for Augmented Reality to enhance mobile device positioning in navigable maritime areas with 3G and 5G coverage and limited access to Street View.

2. Navigation in GNSS-Denied Environments

This challenge aims to develop an application that uses computer vision techniques for relative positioning between vehicles and static objects in GNSS-denied environments.

3. Hydrographic Data Consolidation Software Development

This challenge aims to develop an application for integrating geographic information that can process and determine which information takes precedence based on a set of user-defined constraints.

4. Real-Time Data Processing

This challenge focuses on developing software capable of processing data onboard fixed platforms and transmitting this data as oceanographic information in a timely manner to support various applications, including weather forecasting, accident response and mitigation (e.g., tsunamis, marine pollution), environmental protection and navigation safety.

5. Data Processing and Decision-Making

This challenge involves developing onboard decision-making algorithms that enable the fixed or drifting platform to make real-time decisions about its actions, such as adjusting sensor sampling rates or report frequencies.

What Startups can expect from Bluetech:

BlueTech offers an inclusive breeding ground for startups to co-create groundbreaking software technology.

Pilot Testing

Develop pilot projects and test your solutions directly with military organizations.

Direct Access

Access to Dealroom, a blue technology network where ports and other industry players can contact you directly for your services.

Networking Opportunities

Access a unique network of maritime industry leaders, connecting with both experts and startups with exclusive first-hand knowledge of the sector.

Expert Guidance

Guided by both industry professionals and expert program facilitators, your startup will count on a network of seasoned authorities to support the growth of your technology.

Startups we are looking for:



Timeline Of the program 



open call

May 27th to July 2th 2024

Tell us how your technology will boost modern maritime navigation. If we see you’re fit and ready, you’ll go ahead to the next step, which is…


Online pitch

July 23th 2024

Here, the selected startups from the open application will have to defend their case in an online pitching session. Show us all the key features of your product, how it works, and define your unique value proposition. The final 15 startups will be ready to join the bootcamp!


Co-Design Sprint

October 14th to 18th 2024

Get ready to bring your project to the next level. An intensive bootcamp will connect you directly with the opportunity to advance your project and bring it face to face with industry professionals and exclusive insights.




It’s time for you to boast the results of the co-creation process with program pilot partner. The fruits of your labour are now ready to see the light, or more accurately, the open ocean!


Blue Program Igniter

The Portugal Blue Digital Hub, led by Forum Oceano, aims to establish a strategic, competitive and sustainable digital blue industry in Portugal.

Its goal is to accelerate the digital and green transformation of SMEs and public sector organizations in the Blue Economy, contributing to the EU’s climate goals and digital sovereignty.

Challenge Owner

Established in 1960 by Portugal’s Navy, the Instituto Hidrográfico tracks and manages the application of ocean sciences and technologies for their use in maritime defence and the military. 

Their commitment to ethics, innovation, excellence and dedication promotes & protects Portugal’s maritime activities and their development. At BlueTech, Instituto Hidrográfico will be part of the co-creation of modern software technologies for maritime navigation, with potential to support the military and oceanic defence.


Beta-i is a collaborative innovation consultancy with a global reach.

A team of experts in managing corporate open innovation, pilot-oriented projects with highly-curated startups and designing products and services alongside in-company teams.

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