500 years ago, Portugal launched a quest to conquer the world’s oceans.

Today, the Portuguese Ministry of the Sea, alongside FLAD (Luso-American Development Foundation), proudly introduces the Bluetech Accelerator, a Startup Program inviting startups to bring innovation to the Ports & Shipping industry.

Bluetech is looking for bold and disruptive solutions to be developed and piloted alongside world-class partners and contribute to completely reshape the industry.

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Use Cases Impact Report

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This report aims to provide detailed insights on the pilot projects that were conducted between the program partners and the selected startups of the first edition of Bluetech Accelerator, and to describe, when possible, the potential impact of the startups solutions in a scenario of full deployment by the acceleration partners.

Meet the Pioneers

Pilot groundbreaking solutions with:

The Port of Leixões is the largest port infrastructure in Northern Portugal and one of the most important in the country, equipped with modern facilities and advanced ship management systems.

The Port de Sines is the leading national port in volumes of cargo handled, being also the leading container port in the country.

Since 1936, ETE Group is the national leader in developing competitive services for the port, maritime and inland water transportation sectors.

Inmarsat is the pioneer and world leader in mobile satellite communications, powering global connectivity for nearly four decades.

With a deep focus on the international market, Portline Ocean has developed a remarkable expertise in the transport of dry bulks and containers, together with all the related shipping activities.

What Startups can expect from Bluetech:

In a sea of accelerators (pun intended) we are all about tangible solutions and partnerships. Bluetech is focused in concrete industries – Ports & Shipping for the program’s 1st edition – and we have a B2B approach, connecting two Portuguese Ports and world leading companies with startups in order to bring value to the partners and business to the participating startups.

This is a unique opportunity to sail towards growth and scale your business while disrupting the ports & shipping industry

Access to world-class partners to develop and pilot groundbreaking solutions

Access to the biggest industry event in Europe – European Maritime Day

A team of experienced facilitators managing the programme

About the program
Demo Day


We need your solution to address these industry pain points:

1. Process Optimization in Port Hinterland

  • The concept of extended gateways, rapid container release operations and efficient land-side intermodal forwarding of loading units.
  • Data analytics for complete vessel situational awareness and real-time information of all critical ships operations and cargo flow.
  • Security profiling illicit activity at sea, operational risk assessment and dynamic pricing insurance.

2. Cargo and Fleet Performance Management

  • Use of historical data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques to avoid port congestions, delays, and other port operational inefficiencies. Use of historical data of vessel geolocation to drive product innovation.
  • Use of digital twin for ports and vessels allowing ports to create testing scenarios and producing valuable insights from data.

3. Future Shipping Connectivity

  • Enabling ports and cargo to be “connected and linked”.
  • Ship chartering marketplace allowing shipowners, charterers and operators to choose best freight rates according to a placed position and cargo space availability.
  • Voyage optimization, situational awareness for the fleet operator, real-time scheduling and environmental compliance.

4. Environmental Sustainability

  • Reducing port environmental footprint and monitoring air, water and noise pollution through smart technologies.
  • Reducing ship air pollution and, increasing efficiency of ship-generated waste.
  • Use of air drones and micro-satellites. Environmental compliance through early detection of potential hazards; offshore infrastructure maintenance, reducing downtime, repair needs, and required inspection.


  • Smart Shipping
  • E-navigation
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • E-platforms
  • Sea Traffic Management
  • IT for Green shipping
  • Ocean IoT & Sensors
  • IT for Energy Efficiency
  • Ports Automation & Robotization
  • Sea Surveillance
  • IT for Propulsion and Power Generation
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Blockchain
  • Big Data & Analytics
  • IT for Green Ports
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Drones
  • Self-cleaning and Self-repairing Materials

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The ports that have passionately collaborated with Eco Wave Power during the pilot phase of the program. Without their support and assistance, the progress achieved would not have been possible!

Matias Sigal Business Development @Eco Wave Power

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Participating in Bluetech Accelerator added the last mile for Sevways X3 SHIPPING time to market. We are now working with one of the most prestigious Maritime Shipping Group in Portugal, with an unprecedented credibility that we could not have achieved by any other means.

Rui Almeida CEO @Sevways X3 Shipping

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Grupo ETE gave us not only relevant information on the typical maritime container logistic operations such as the type of cargo and the used routes, but also insights on the best business model and pricing for the industry. We also received advices on the best way to design enclosures and processes to attach our sensors to the containers.

Tiago Andrade CMO and Co-Founder @Sensefinity

Startups we are looking for:




We are looking for startups whose solutions match the Partners’ needs. We will select the best pool of startups based on a few criteria such as growth potential and scalability, solidness of business model; and complementarity of skills within the team.





2 Months March 1 – April 19, 2019

It all starts with your online application. We will assess your fit with the program. The top 40 scores will enter into an online pitch session which will occur during the open door event European Maritime Day, held in Lisbon. The selected best 20 startups will move forward to the Bootcamp.



1 Week June 24 – 28, 2019

The Top 20 startups will be invited to join the one-week Bootcamp benefiting from learning about business model innovation, startup methodologies and tools, get additional product validation, define the value proposition and a business case to present to the Partners. The best startups will have the opportunity to work together with one or more Partners in developing a pilot.


Pilot Development

10-14 Weeks June 28 – October 4, 2019

The 10 selected startups that are going to be part of the accelerator will enjoy 12-14 weeks of close collaboration with the Partners.
These startups will also benefit from the access to Partner’s collaborators and mentors in the program, together with Beta-i’s network.



November 29, 2019

This is D Day. All the finalist startups will be presenting their solutions. It will be a public event where you will find potential investors, media, Partners and Beta-i representatives, among other invited guests from the Ports & Shipping industry.


Startups at the bootcamp


ARX maritime




Breeze Technologies

Eco Wave Power







power fuel cells ou




techworks marine


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The Bluetech Accelerator enables startups to work alongside our stakeholders and find together innovative solutions to the current challenges.

Luís Marinho Dias, Innovation co-Director @APDL

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We want to connect with players that own new ways to approach this sector, and that can bring know-how and efficiency in the industry.

Andreia Ventura Grupo ETE

slide 3

We are irreverent in the way we relate to the maritime transport industry. Sharing this concept with startups that have the same philosophy is an opportunity that we definitely cannot miss.

Jorge Fernandes CEO @ Portline Ocean

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The transport maritime industry represents globalization’s main driver and generates many valuable opportunities for startups that want to disrupt the sector.

José Luis Cacho President @ APS

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Our goal is to create a new generation of ocean startups for the World.

Ruben Eiras General Director of Maritime Policy

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If we all work together, we believe we can accelerate the digitalization of the maritime industry, but it will take innovators around the globe to help us do that.

Alison Grey Senior Director @ Digital Incubation, Inmarsat

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We want innovators to play with our fantastic range of products, some already existing, some on the making and work together to deploy and create new connected digital solutions for the maritime industry.

Clara Wahnich Digital Innovation Partnerships Lead @ Digital Incubation, Inmarsat


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